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Eden Project specializes

 The most sustainable landscaping practices in the market. From carbon offsetting and sequestering metrics, to water conservation practices, to meeting the highest standard of care and aesthetic beauty, our dedicated and knowledgeable team can make it happen.


“Our company is set up to meet you at your property’s unique needs. Our team’s expertise and dedication means that we can tailor our services to fulfill your outdoor space’s potential at the same price as the other guys.”

Excellent Service

“Eden Project is in your neighbourhood – we’re ready to work with you and meet the needs of every stakeholder in your property. We’re available 7 days a week and have a track record of going the extra mile for all of our clients.”

Excellent Value

“Despite the turmoil our community has weathered in recent times, Eden Project is still committed to our low prices. We aim to provide Calgarians with a job well done and a beautiful result every time without breaking the bank – it’s that simple.”

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